Careers combination

Nucleus Network is a leading global clinical research organization, delivering innovative and robust clinical development solutions to international and local pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We work in an industry that’s dependent on highly skilled associates, so our success is directly tied to our ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain qualified people who can work in a team. Knowing the importance people play in building ongoing relationships, our associates are our most valued resource.

We provide a progressive work–life environment and offer the opportunity to develop a rewarding career in Clinical Research. We have a strong emphasis on collaboration and team work, which gives you the opportunity to contribute and make a difference. Good Clinical Practice and work management courses are an integral part of the development program for our staff.

Nucleus Network is seeking people with leadership qualities and initiative to share our unique vision.

We are always interested to hear from good quality candidates with
* BioMedical Science
* Division I Nursing

All vacancies are listed on SEEK. If you are interested to work for Nucleus Network, please log onto SEEK and submit your application which will be forwarded to the appropriate Manager.